Frequently Asked Questions

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment by emailing, by phoning 07714 750 126 or via Facebook messenger on my Facebook Page.

My email and voicemail are completely confidential. Initially, all I need to know is your name, contact details and when you are interested in a session so I can arrange with you a suitable time. During our initial session, I will request some basic information about you.

Price and Payment

Sessions are £60 an hour. The recommended session length is usually 90mins but I am happy to adjust to what time you have available.

Payment can be cash, PayPal or online transfer after the session. I don’t take payment in advance.


I offer sessions at The Ark Health Clinic in Haverfordwest on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at Wintern House Health & Wellness in Fishguard on Monday mornings and Wednesdays. I am also happy to travel to clients home or workspace if this is a requirement and if there is privacy available. Please get in touch to discuss which location and time suit you best and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Number of Sessions

The number of sessions is completely down to individual choice. It is very possible to have major breakthroughs dealing with trauma or phobias within one session, but often advisable to follow up just to make sure nothing else has then surfaced. The average number of sessions for Human Givens therapy tends to be between 4 – 6 sessions. I don’t block book sessions as I’m happy for you to arrange as and when but I can hold your space if a particular time suits.

I always appreciate being told 24 hours in advance if you can’t make a session so I can make the slot available to someone else.

Directions and Parking

The Ark Health Clinic is located in The Ark Health Food Shop on Bridge Street in Haverfordwest. Ask at the counter and you will be directed to the waiting area where I will meet you. There are a number of public car parks nearby, but no parking outside the premises as it is on a pedestrianised street.

Wintern House is located on the high street in Fishguard and has its own small private car park. Just go on in to the reception area and mention you are there to see me.


Confidentiality is a given. I provide my “Information for clients” which spells out what you need to know and I ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement so that we are both clear you have understood.

What to expect from a Human Givens Therapy session

There is the obvious need at the beginning of the session for information gathering and building of trust, but once that is established and there is clarity on the aims of the client for the session, the session then focuses on using a number of different techniques and methods to meet those aims.⁠

The holistic process used during a Human Givens therapy session may include; changing unhelpful thinking styles (cognitive), giving psychoeducation (explanations that normalise and takes away fear); helping clients take a different perspective on their situation (through the use of reframing, metaphor and storytelling); problem-solving (helping clients recognise times when they are not experiencing problems, what is different about those times, and how they can build on that); teaching whatever skills are required (for instance social skills, communication skills, assertiveness skills); and rehearsing making desired changes successfully (through guided imagery).⁠

Human Givens is a practical, forward-focused approach, which concentrates on mastery of skills and understandings that people can use in the future to move on in their lives, rather than concentrating on, and being stuck in, what went wrong in the past. This is the case even if people have suffered horrific traumatising events as human givens therapists use a reliable, evidence-based method for de-traumatising people, which in most cases works in one session.⁠